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The Options Income Generator - 2010 Edition!

This "select group", chooses the days they work.  When to start and when to go home.  They can choose anywhere in the world to live and have a profession where there is no limit to how much income they can make, myself included. How can they do this?  Because beginning traders make generous contributions to their trading accounts on a regular basis.  Is this just a dream?  You bet it is, but it`s a dream this private group around the world are living!  Don`t believe me?  Just ask your friends and you will see just how many beginning traders are losing their shirt!  Where do you think their losses go?

You see, for them trading is not complicated.  It`s not hard.  It`s not frustrating.  It`s not time consuming.  For them it`s like hunting game at point blank range, when other hunters are taking shot from 100 yards. They simply know how to position themselves, and go in for the "kill"!

As an avid options trader, learning the ins-and-outs of options trading can be a daunting and very time consuming experience. I've spent years studying and monitoring the equity & options markets, as well as the elements that drive market movements. Through the application of advanced fundamental and technical analysis, I have devised a simple method to garner profits through trading options. I take the guess work out of the trade setup! You may have heard that options are "wasting assets" since time, when you purchase calls and puts, is working against you. My strategy actually takes advantage of time decay. You may have also hear that 90% of option BUYERS lose money! With The Options Income Generator strategy, you will be SELLING options. Suddenly that 90% sounds alot nicer when we are doing the exact opposite of what the losing trader does... doesn't it?

After years of consistent and successful trades, I created: The Options Income Generator® for investors looking to achieve consistent gains month after month. The strategy is primarily centered around monthly index options on major index products such as the SPX, SPY, IWM, XEO, and DJX to name a few. The strategy uses a variety of simple, EASY TO FOLLOW, indicators to execute trades that will earn roughly 10-20% per month, all while maintaining a low and limited risk strategy.

Positions make money regardless if the market (index) moves up, down, or sideways!

These positions can also be traded in IRA accounts without a problem, provided that your account is approved for options trading.

Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned options trader, this strategy will maximize your returns! With 88% winning trades, it's hard to disagree!


This screenshot is just one of many average days using The Options Income Generator Strategy in action!

We will teach you how to construct profitable, conservative options trades that you can trade each and every month!

A total net profit of $888 trading JUST 5 CONTRACTS!

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Features of The Options Income Generator...

Positions are never held more than 20 days, and you DON'T need to be in front of the computer all day long!
Trades are limited risk / limited profit! You'll know EXCATLY how much you can make!
The nature of the strategy allows for a wide profit zone!
Trades will have approximately a 1:1 - 1:2 risk to reward ratio or better!
You'll learn how to effectively read the indicators that are the foundation of the strategy!


Just look at these performance figures over the past two years...

March 2010: 11.3% - SPX
April 2010: 14.3% - SPX
May 2010: 12.8% - SPX
June 2010: 16.0% - XEO
July 2010: 11.4% - SPX
August 2010: 7.5% - SPX
September 2010: 10.4% - DJX
October 2010: 9.8% - DJX
November 2010: -1.7% - SPX
December 2010: 8.2% - XEO

January 2009: 15.7% - SPX
February 2011: -3.4% - SPX
March 2011: 10.3% - SPX
April 2011: 14.6% - SPX
May 2011: 9.3% - DJX
June 2011: 8.4% - SPX
July 2011: -6.9% - SPX
August 2011: 10.7% - SPY
September 2011: 21.7% - SPY
October 2011: 36.7% - SPY

The % Return each month is based on the total investment for each trade. Following my money management rules, look at this hypothetical: $10,000 trading account - 10% of account total per trade - % Return is based on a $1,000 investment.


Forget STOCKS! Reasons WHY you should be trading options...

The Leverage!

One of the main attractions of options trading is the leverage involved. For a small amount of capital compared to the average stock trader, an options trader can control a sizable amount of stock. Leverage also allows traders to make a significant amount of money from a relatively minor movement in price. More than any other factor, leverage is the reason why traders and investors alike include options in their portfolios. What the trader likes in the power to make bigger bets with less money, the investor enjoys in the ability to completely hedge long-term stock positions at a low cost!

Hedge Your Portfolio!

The leverage of options makes them ideal tools for protecting or hedging a stock/fund portfolio. For a relatively little amount of money, a trader can buy options against a longer-term long trade or investment and fully protect that long trade or investment from market risk. It is possible to fully hedge a long-only stock portfolio with only minimal reductions in overall returns compared to the unhedged, long-only portfolio. You can trade the Options Income Generator Strategy as a hedging strategy as well!

Commissions Have Crashed!

Commissions for options traders are not as low as they are for stock traders. But if the decline in commissions for stock traders has declined in recent years, commissions for options have plummeted. The standardization of options decades ago paved the way for the growth in options trading volumes which continue to put downward pressure on commissions. The growth and creation of new and existing discount online options brokers in recent years has also created the kind of competition among options brokers that should help keep option trading costs low!

Limit Your Risk!

Traders who use options have the ability to completely control their exposure to risk. Buyers of put options, for example, risk only the amount of the premium paid up front. By contrast, a trader who sells a stock short can find him or herself deeply underwater if the position moves suddenly into the red. In a worst case scenario, a trader could be forced to cover at a level where the losses could be massive. The Options Income Generator Strategy is most certainly a limited risk strategy!


Testimonials from people just like you...

man computer: Mid-adult man shopping online in kitchen stock photos
Testimonial From Michael G. :

"Thank you for such an easy to follow guide. I should have been investing in option spreads years ago!"

- Michael G., Suffolk, VA

man: Senior African man laughing stock photos
Testimonial From Darren L. :

"The Options Income Generator strategy is terrific! I've more than doubled my trading account within only 6 months! Many thanks!"

- Darren L. Boston, MA

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Your order will include the following...

The Options Income Generator Strategy -- fully detailed with charts for reference. An easy to understand guide which specifies the exact entry and exit points. Also, I will teach you how to make adjustments to your position in real time!
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